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Committee of Friends & Supporters of Lee Robinson's 55th Birthday Party Fundraiser
3006 Noble Avenue 
Richmond, VA 23222 
Contact: Gerri Joohnson: (804) 200-8577

African Awareness Association

President: Lee Robinson

P.O. Box 4433

Richmond, VA 23220-6014

Tele: (804) 549-7492 Fax (804) 321-0574

Email:[email protected]   ___________________________________________

What is the African Awareness Association?

Motto:  African with Friendship with Cuba

We are building a bridge of understanding and friendship with our neighbors.

The African Awareness Association was created in the late 1980's in Richmond, VA as a political organization that seeks to politically educate, inform and document the history of African people and their contributions to humanity.  It is also, a part of the international Pan-African movement to unite all Africans around the world.

Objectives: Freedom Travel Challenge to Cuba

• To end the blockade and travel restrictions

• serve  as  a  fact  finding  mission  where  one  can  get  first hand  knowledge  present  of situation in Cuba

• An open exchange (dialogue) with official representatives from various institutions andgoverning bodies

• To show our solidarity with the Cuban people by gaining firsthand experience of the effects of the US embargo and blockade

• To get a better understanding of the operation of the socialist government of Cuba and how it impacts on Cuban citizens and the rest of the world (How it Works?)

• To develop concrete programs in building relationships between various communities (ex: cultural, scientific and city to city relationships, etc.)

• To help foster a closer relationship between the African communities in the States and the Cuban people

• To develop a production studio for film making 

Programs of the African Awareness Association

1. To create and develop an annual African Cultural International festival to be held in  Richmond, VA and/or on the East Coast of the US (book festival will be a main focus).

2; To develop a cross cultural exchange program giving African students/intellecturals a  chance  to  study and  to  learn  abroad  (Africa,  Caribbean  and  Central  &  South  America).

3. To  develop an informational  resource  center,  where information  on  the history  and  struggles of African people born in America will be shared with our brothers and sisters throughout the Diaspora.

4. To  assist  various  cultural,  political  movements  and  institutions:  such  as  African  Liberation Day, Kwame Ture Work-Study Institute, Freedom Travel Challenges.

5. To develop co-sponsorships with universities and institutions in sponsoring "A Cuba  Appreciation Weekend" in Richmond